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                結構性創↑新【Structured Innovation


                ·激勵並強化創造力及創新能ζ 力。
                參加CMC的結構性那達到虛神創新思維課程, 您不但能※夠通過我們精辟的內容講授, 輔以小組活動, 實務案例分享及充分互動體驗但沒想到創新, 同時您也可以:
                ·  按步施工、創新成功,建立企業創新的ω 架構。
                · 運用CMC提供的創』新路徑圖,成功的設計並執○行企業的創新策略。
                · 運︾用在全球, 被多數看著這一幕創新型企業廣泛應用的創新關鍵成功◤要素, 實現創新。
                · 借助鼓勵合作與發展創新能力, 建立?創新的就在我那分身承受對方一擊文化?。
                The Emerging Role of The Chief Innovation Officer,
                Systematic Innovation is a requirement for success in today’s business climate. And yet, many companies don’t know how to make their desires a reality. Putting a Chief Innovation Officer to the task is a bold first step many organizations are taking. But what comes next? We’ll talk about what successful companies are doing to make this new role succeed, how to encourage your organization to establish this role, where to look for commitment inside the organization and what to do if you are, or aspiring to be, the chosen one to make it happen inside your business.
                Innovation vs. Improvement - Managing the Yin and Yang of Discipline and Imagination
                Are "process improvement" and "innovation" diametrically opposed philosophies that counteract one another? Or can they work together in harmony to drive greater organizational results? This is a hot debate in business circles today. Join us in a discussion about the differences between improvement and innovation, where these two philosophies intersect, and how businesses can and are embracing both simultaneously.
                Building a Strategy for Your Innovation and Growth Efforts
                Growth is a key agenda for almost every corporation. What are your strategies for driving growth? While driving growth through innovation is usually favored over other means, it remains elusive and risky for managers responsible for delivering results to shareholders.
                Why is it so hard to build growth through innovation consistently and systematically across the enterprise? What kind of innovation strategy must firms adopt to create the best value for their customers and their business? What should the innovation portfolio look like? And how do you know if your innovation efforts are successful? A carefully constructed and clearly communicated innovation strategy will help answer these questions.
                In this session, we will describe how to develop a superior innovation strategy and communicate it within the organization. Using "outcomes-based" thinking, we'll show you how to guide your team to focus on what matters and leave the rest behind. You will also learn methods for prioritizing projects, building meaningful metrics and syncing your innovation strategy with your company's most pressing goals. The result: a quantifiable innovation program, a more cohesive innovation team, and greater acceptance of the innovation initiative throughout the organization.
                Some Infomation about Structured Innovation, if you want know more details,please contact

                CMC Company: service@changethrough.com

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